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IV Sedation Dentistry

Intravenous (IV) Sedation is a means of allowing you to relax, and eliminate your anxieties about having dental work done, in a safe and effective manner.

Since Dr. Fields starting providing IV conscious sedation in 1994, patients repeatedly have remarked how much better they felt having chosen this technique vs. "just getting numb" or using nitrous gas. While you still need a local anesthetic to eliminate pain, you will "sleep" through the procedure. Safety comes from the fact that you never lose your own ability to breath.

Compared to general anesthesia, IV sedation is safer, and less costly, while providing you with relaxation and comfort while allowing us to treat you. The ultimate goal is to let you receive the care you need, we just want to make it easier on you. IV Conscious Sedation allows us to do this for you.

Don't be anxious or afraid, let us show you how IV sedation may help you!