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About Our Office

Charles Fields, Periodontist and Dental Implant Specialist in Reston, VA

Our office environment is one of comfort to make your experience better than you could ever expect from a dental office. We also make use of the latest technologies to make your visit pleasant, effective and relaxing. We use only digital radiographs, which reduces your exposure to radiation dramatically, while allowing us to immediately view radiographic images, no waiting!

Our entire record keeping system is digital, making for a nearly paperless office. What little we do write down, we soon scan into the patient’s account file.

We incorporate lasers in the treatment of disease as well as modern techniques in the field of regeneration. This "regeneration" aspect of periodontal therapy is the cornerstone of our office practice philosophy. It represents the ultimate in modern periodontal therapy.

We also provide dental implant surgical care as a means of restoring missing teeth. We work closely with your genreal dentist or prosthodontist to provide you an optimal dental implant result. Implants are the next best thing to real teeth.

We provide conscious sedation or nitrous oxide for those patients that request it, allowing you to relax, hopefully making your dental visit with us the very best you’ve experienced to date.

In fact, that’s precisely our goal, to provide the most comfortable dental visit possible.